Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Name is Thrifty

In college, my best friends and I (the "fab 5") gave each other nicknames. It's no real surprise that mine was "Thrifty." Back then, it was because I was known for saving a handful of popcorn to eat the next day or saving one slice of tomato.

But it actually goes back MUCH further. Bargain-shopping runs in my blood. Its a running joke among family and friends that my mother needs to start Coupon-aholics anonymous. She had a garbage bag full of non-expiration date coupons alone! She's taught me how to save money and take advantage of great deals.

And if there is one thing I love it is getting a great bargain. There is no better feeling than knowing you bought something as cheap as possible - especially now when I have a baby and my husband lost his well-paying job. But not only do I like getting bargains - I like sharing them! So that's what I plan to do with my blog - share some of the deals and bargains that I find (and throw in a few fun stories about my life).

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