Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jake's Meltdown

So last night we were so excited to go to Halifax Uncorked - a food & wine festival. There were 12 different restaurants from around Daytona offering samplings. BUT we made it in the door for all of 20 seconds before Jake had a complete meltdown. It was just too much - too many people, too loud, not to mention the Jazz music playing in the background. He was screaming in a high pitch voice that I've only really heard when he got his shots. We tried to calm him down but he wanted no part of it. So, we turned around and went back home. But even when we got back home, he continued screaming for about 2 hours before finally calming back down. I felt so bad! I had no idea it would be so traumatizing for him.

We are going to try to go back today - but don't worry Jake - you'll be going to a babysitter!

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