Monday, November 23, 2009

Fool Me Once Shame on You...

Today I picked up Jacob's Christmas pictures from Sears and - while they are super cute - it just reminds me that "they got me." It's not often that I get ripped off, but about two weeks ago, I sure did... I used one of those portrait coupons (36 pics for $4.99) at Sears, but didn't read the fine print. If I wanted any other sheets - other than the package - they would be $20 each! And of course, two of the pictures were to die for. I asked if I could order them later online and, of course, was told they'd still be $20 plus an additional $10 reorder fee and S&H. So I sucked it up and paid the extra $20 for one sheet.

Lesson: When I got home, out of curiousity I went to see if I could order online. And sure enough, they were the standard $9.99 per sheet - PLUS only S&H. And I could order any of the session prints. AND when I picked up my pics today, they had printed extra of the two images that I ordered to try to upsell me. Except they were 2 sheets for $10! And one of the sheets was an enhanced version (which costs more). So for a total of $30, I got three of the other pose - so in the end it worked out! Still bitter though. (BTW, when I went to JC Penny, they didn't try to trick me... )

Also, yesterday I downloaded - it's similar to Photoshop (I'm sure with fewer bells & whistles) but FREE! And it works really great and you can't beat the price. To think, I was going to buy Photoshop Elements!

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