Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Food Friday

Today was an interesting day. We had our appt with the neurologist - which I'm just planning to ignore until I get a second opinion from my new pediatrician next Friday...

But, on a much better note, I tried my hand at making my own baby food today. I've made avocado twice before successfully - although today's batch had to get thrown out. Very strange, but avocado looked fine when I scooped it out but turned black while I was pureeing it...

But I made sweet potato, pear and green beans today - all for the first time. I must say, I'm not sure that the pears were worth it - but the rest certainly were. Two sweet potatoes made a ton of food (at least 12 servings) and they were so easy I was able to puree them in my magic bullet. The green beans were a bit more difficult! I tried the food processor first (no luck), then the blender (this only works if you use a lot of green beans - can't do a small portion). But it worked out great in the end!! The pear was super easy too (just steam and throw in the magic bullet) but one pear only made 2 servings (one jar of baby food). Considering the organic pear cost me $0.88 - and the jars of Earth's Best baby food only cost me $0.33 on sale (actually less because I used a coupon). But pears are on the EWG's dirty dozen list so you really should use organic - so I'll probably be making only a limited amount of this food...

For those of you who are interested in making your own food too, here are a few resources:

My favorite Web site for info, recipes and more -

Looking for something to store your food: try babycubes, or freeze them in ice cube trays (which are 1 oz for ea cube) and put them in plastic bags.

I also love the Nuby Storage containers - you can freeze and microwave them. I also use them for sending cereal to the babysitters!

Hoping it snows tonight!! Fingers crossed :)

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