Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Update

So our first Christmas was a great success!! We went to Tallahassee to visit my Dad, Deb, and the kids. Jake did well on his car ride, sleeping the whole way (although it didn't make bed time very easy). It was a lot of fun. Jacob enjoyed playing with his aunts and uncles - and he LOVED the constant attention!! He loved looking at the Christmas tree too - which makes me feel bad that we didn't put one up (just too hectic this year...) Christmas Eve we spent with the family and Nana and Papa - which is always a lot of fun... and we eat stone crab claws for hours!! YUMMY!! Christmas morning was a bit overwhelming for Jacob. He enjoyed opening about 3 presents and then he had enough. He got fussy everytime someone put a wrapped present in front of him, but unwrap it for him and he loved looking/playing with the toys! All in all, it was a great holiday!

I had a lot of success with my day after Christmas shopping!! Kohls had 70% off most of their holiday items and Walmart had the usual 50% off. Target was a bit disappointing this year with only 30% off of their gift sets but the wrapping paper, etc was still 50% off. I got lots of presents for next year and a ton of wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. I also got Jacob the most adorable stocking (since we didn't get him one this year... I know, I should be ashamed!). Best of all, I got some placemats with matching napkins etc for only $4.50 for a set of four!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Looking forward to a great New Year!!

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