Sunday, August 1, 2010

Using Social Media to Find Bargains

As you may have noticed, Thrifty Lane is now available on twitter too. I have added a live stream of my tweets on my blog too. Believe it or not, there is a reason for this :)

I don't consider myself to be an expert at finding deals but I do want to share the great bargains that I find. Unfortunately, having a full time job, 1-year-old, and a house that constantly needs cleaning, I don't have the time to constantly update my blog. But twitter allows me to re-tweet some of the great deals I find - and you can either follow me to hear about them - or check my blog for the most recent deals.

I have to admit, when I first started dealing with twitter - I was not a big fan. You really only heard of people following their favorite celebrities and hearing about their daily life... not for me. But for my job, I still had to use it. Now I've come to see all the potential twitter has to offer. I think of it as a bargains newswire. I follow bloggers who constantly post deals and freebies on their blogs/twitter pages - and that gives me an instant list of the best deals to weed through. The best part is that my phone has an app that allows me to look through my twitter stream. It is much easier for me to browse twitter briefly throughout the day - while I'm waiting for my computer to turn on, while I'm cooking dinner, etc.

Facebook is quite similar, but I find the brevity of twitter much easier to weed through for bargains. And most of the major retail outlets have facebook and twitter pages too.

Here are a list of some of my favorite twitter bargain-hunters:



And don't forget to follow @ThriftyLane

Here are a few regional, but they find a lot of online so anyone can follow them!
@tbotweetdeals (Tampa)
@MyDFWMommy (Dallas)

And if you are big on travel deals ect. try these guys!

Also, as I mentioned, almost all retailers are on twitter. Every morning, I look through my tweets to see what @woot and @wootkids are offering. But you can follow @huggies, @pampersvillage and many more!!

Go ahead and give twitter a try :)

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