Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diaper Deals

Jake has been getting closer and closer to walking! He's up to 4-5 steps at once. Only a matter of time now... we are both excited and scared!!

Amazon.com has coupons for certain Pampers Diapers. When you sign up for subscribe and save (which you can unsubscribe before your next shipment) you save 30% (limited time only) and you can stack it with a 20% off coupon from Parents August and September issues (orange coupon in the magazine - postcard size). I just got 108 night time diapers for only $16!

August is World Breastfeeding Month and BabiesRUs is offering great deals on Breastfeeding items. I'm not breastfeeding anymore, but here were a few of my favorite items when I did!!

1. Medela Milk Freezing Storage Set - who wants to wash containers to pump into continuously? With these you have 12 containers to go through... and you can attach a nipple directly to them if you want. $14.99 usually - only $11.99.
2. Sensible Lines Milk Trays - freeze an ounce of milk in each little ice-cube-like tray, then put in a freezer bag and only use defrost as much as you need, when you need it! The guessing game of how much to put in the freezer bags was always frustrating for me (although I did both). $22 on Amazon, $18.39 at BabiesRUs now.
3. Nursing covers - nice if you are breastfeeding in public a lot, although a blanket would work too. $15.99 and really cute designs.

And I would always suggest to have an extra set of pump parts (valves and breast Shields) so you don't have to wash between each pumping! Try to borrow a pump, but if you can't I'd suggest looking in consignment shops for lightly used pumps or keep an eye out for good deals!

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