Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So I'm the worst blogger ever...

Okay so I start a blog and then don't post anything for four months... oops... Sorry guys! (I know you were so dissapointed). :) Anyways, I'll do my best to start posting regularly again! At least once a month!!

So what's new? Lot's going on in the "thrifty" world! Here's a couple things to keep your mailbox full:

  • Friend Shutterfly on Facebook and get a free 5x7 photobook on Shutterfly. You have to fill out a survey and then can claim your code (make sure to copy it down). You have till June 30 to redeem it (2.99 shipping).

  • Walmart has some samples out right now: Cottonelle, Playtex Gentle Glide, Crest 3D White

  • 3 Free 5x7 Folded Cards on Shutterfly with coupon code CARDS4DAD - but you have to login and go to your account (at the top right), then click on "Enter Special Offer Code."
I also found this cool site - - their clearance section has some really cool stuff - and some favorites for cheap (Avent Bottles for $4.50). I haven't bought anything from them yet, but plan to soon :)

And, of course, an update on the Jakester! He's changed so much since February!! He's crawling and getting into everything!! He's eating big boy food and absolutely loves it. Yesterday, he ate an entire banana - for dessert! He's been saying Dada for a few weeks now - but no Mama yet!!

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