Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Contest, Sales & Free Music

I just cannot believe how big Jacob has been getting! In the past month or so, he's become so much more active (and fun!!). He suddenly has a huge interest in his toys, smiles when you read a familiar book and LOVES (I mean LOVES) the tv! He also has the most adorable laugh - I'm trying to get it on video to post, but no luck yet :) His favorite toy is the Cheez-it box - figures.

Looking back over the past 7 months (can you believe it's been that long?) - there is one thing I have to say - "Never say NEVER." I remember the naive comments I used to make like "I won't let Jacob watch tv until he's like 2," or "I'm not going to give him any sweets," or (my personal favorite) "he will never sleep in the bed with me." And while good intentioned, you just never know what will happen. Parenthood is a lot more trying than one might expect. Within the first week Jacob was sleeping in the bed with me - because I didn't know any other way to make him go to sleep. Luckily that habit has stopped, but I just laugh when I think about how I swore it would never happen...

Fun Freebies and Deals for the Day:

Fan World Market on Facebook and be entered to win a Trip to Greece! Contest ends 2/28

Need a baby gift? The Bump is having a sale on baby items - they have cute tub puppets for only $7.99 and an adorable personalized giraffe blanket and animal for $11.99. Use coupon code VALDAY for 20% off a $100 or more purchase. (coupon ends 2/14, sale ends 2/22)

Thanks to BabyCheapskate.com for the heads up on the Nickshop.com 50% off sitewide sale - get all your favorite Nickelodeon Shows on DVD for like $7.20. Plus characters, toys, etc.

Ann Taylor Loft is offering an extra 50% off clearance items (online & instore) ends 2/10 - so hurry! Limited selection online...

Did you know Amazon.com has over 1,000 free MP3 songs? Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom for sharing this free album - The Amazon Groove dance mix

Need some pictures of your little one? Print coupons at JC Penny Portraits - 40% off purchase on Mon - Thurs, and more!

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