Monday, July 19, 2010

I love the library!

Well now that Jake's birthday party is over, I have a little more time to fun things like scrapbook and blog :) His party went really well. He's super social and loved having everyone over - I, of course, went overboard! But hey, your first born only turns one once!

My newest thrifty advice is the local library. I'm just now learning how it works here in Volusia County (and suggest everyone find out how there's works). It's awesome. I had a list of cookbooks I was thinking about buying - but wanted to check them out first. The public library has most of them. I simply had to type in the title into the library search engine (from home) and it told me which branch in the county had it. And better yet, I can reserve the book - to the library closest to me, with a click of the computer! To top it off, I was able to create a saved list of all the books that interest me - so that I can just reserve them whenever I am ready for them.

They had a huge selection - everything I was looking for - from scrapbooking to photography and of course TONS of cookbooks. Too cool. I wish I would've realized this months ago!!
I also like to rent audio books when I have a road trip - I feel like I've accomplished something when I can say I "read" a book during my drive. And since I drive to Amelia Island at least once a month for work - that's a lot of books!!

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